3m Sand Flag

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Sand Safety Flags,

give drivers a greater chance of seeing approaching vehicles and minimise the risk of accidents when cresting dunes. That is why there is now a Simpson Desert requirement to attach a sand flag when crossing the Simo.



Item Type: Safety Flag Kit

Total length: 3M (3*1M)




Visability, Safety and Durability.


The Sand Flag is supplied in three 1m long pole pieces, that screw together to give the height required. Depending on where you mount it on the vehicle, you have the option of 1, 2 or 3 pieces to get you to the required height. Easy to store too, in 1m sections.


The flag poles are fibreglass, for strength and flex. Supplied complete with stainless fittings, including quick release snap  on spring base and 300x285 high vis flouro orange double stitched flag, with reflective yellow cross.


Simpson Desert compliant, the 4WD Sand Safety Flag is what you need for that next trip across the Simo. (go East-West, it’s way more fun!)


Mine site compliant with out light.


Package included:

1x 3M Sand Flag