Button Knot Soft Shackle

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Button Knot Soft Shackle, Top Quality,


65CM, 70CM, 75CM.

the Soft Shackle BS 16474Kgs, made and tested in Australia by NATA certified Lab.(LABLE13700Kgs)

Markings : 161155, 
MBL: 13700Kg 
Result: 16747Kg, 
Elongation: 92.892mm
George4x4 's soft shackle is made of 11mm rope, all hand spliced in Brisbane! 
The Material with a Gravity of 0.98, Can float in Water and MudSpliced by Hand in House, Tested and Certified in Australia
Sleeve fitted with a good protection marked George4x4
High Visibility and Good UV resistant
We take customised orders, please call us or email us.
Standard Supply with Button Knot with length of 65cm, 70cm and 75cm.
You can select different quantities according to your needs.
Great value and Made in Brisbane by hand, support Australian craftsmanship.