Snatch Strap 9m 8Ton

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  • Snatch strap is a necessary tool when you are on road or off-road.George4x4 produces top quality snatch straps with various options. 
  •  Available sizes of George 4x4 snatch straps
  • 8000kgs*9m 60mm (width)
  • 11000kgs*9m 75mm (width)


  • George4x4 snatch straps are made by 100% top quality nylon
  • All snatch strap of George 4x4 has higher elongation up to 20%
  • Great UV, water protection and more durable
  • Strap ends with Reinforced eye (two ends)
  • 2 pcs sleeves


  • Do not use the towing balls as the recovery point
  • Do not connect the snatch strap with sharp edges
  • Always keep it clean before and after use