Soft Shackle Hitch Orange 50*50*170mm, Aluminium Alloy Machined

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THE SOFT SHACKLE HITCH is designed For Soft shackle And steel shackle


Total length :170mm. 

width: 50mm*50mm

Round Edge Hole where is the shackle going,  Soft Shackle Friendly Design.



  • Made from Aluminium Alloy T6, Light and convenient
  • 50mm*50mm*170mm (170mm length)
  • multi holes design to connect vertically and horizontally
  • WLL: 5000Kg
  • Shackle's hole Designed with smooth and round Edge.Suit for our SOFT SHACKLE 13300KG /15000KG/16000KG/18000KG. 
  • Can't use together with our soft shackle 19800kg and 27000kg.
  • Minimum Breaking test: 20000Kg
  • Can connect directly with soft shackles or D shackles
  • standard hole for fit a standard hitch pin (5/8'')16mm 
  • Orange Cooking.